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Hola! (That's 1 of 13 words I can speak in Spanish. Maybe 14).

I want to make this world we live in a better place.

I used to think I could change the world. I cannot. So I want to be one of the pebbles in the ocean that can help make the waves of change.


If I ca not accomplish this, then I want to get people to think about things they have not and see if they can relate too, or understand. (Especially when it coms to understanding and caring about those in pain, those in need, those marginalized, and loving, caring Beings we call "Animals" who are more human(e) than most humans. I want to use my energy to help us all understand we are ONE with ALL in our world and The Universes. (There are 3. Well, that's my theory).

If I can not accomplish these, then I want to grow and learn and lift my energy so I can lift others if just by being me helps at all.

And every day I want to get at least one person to smile.

If I cannot accomplish any of the above, then my mission is to fart in elevators and admit it was me.

(Yep, got in a fart joke on the first page :)




I grew up in... Wait! I'm writing this part of my website (My publicists has written most of the rest of it)


I grew up poor in North New Jersey in a run down house with one bathroom with my three Sisters and Mom, and in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC with my Dad. Other than the money aspect, it was like growing up in two different Universes.


My Mom’s house “garage”- more like a shed that for some reason never fell down, become my sanctuary, inventors work shop, and the playing field for my imagination (I use to collect "garbage" and build things. And I'd like to thank the nice people who left a lawnmower outside so I could, uh, take the engine and build a not grewat co-cart).


Although poor when it came to money, I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up with the family (friends, pets, etc) I had and the values they installed in me... often taking years for them to stick and I am still learning to grew. My parents, “walked-the-talk” of progressives, never being "woke" and never judging anyone other than the content of their character.


My journey has been a mixed bag of pain, love, sadness, happiness, street fights, laughter, near death and death, wonderment, enjoyment, agony and magic.

When I lived with my Dad Hell’s Kitchen was considered one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in The USA. (Now, an incredibly nice and expensive hood in NYC that some call "Clinton." Give. Me. A. Break. It willis and  always be Hell's Kitchen for me). From the 1970’s to the early 1990’s it was run/owned/threatened & treated to by one of the most ruthless gangs ever to exist in The USA, and Irish gang dub by the press "The Westies." At 11 years old I met his first Westie- who first was going to kill me then took me under his razor sharp wings (Hello Jimmy Coogan!) I started to talk about my, uh,  adventures with The westies in my  standup/storytelling show at The Edinburgh Festal Fringe, 2023. 


If you want to know more… you can see me preforming.  don't always talk about The Westies during every set. BUTI I will when I do my one man , world tour standup.storytelling show in May & June of 2024 (That's called a shameless plug :)

People have tried to define me my entire life, with definitions that don’t quite fit. I’m not a filmmaker as I don’t use film as much as I used to and use digital- sometimes mixed with film. Also calling anyone that is limiting.  I was never the Class Clown or School Bully (Thank The Universes!). I never feel like I fit in; an outsider looking in. An alien from another Universe wondering “What the hell is going on here?” I was Co-Captain of my football team  (and good at it) and on the chess club (Not good at all). I was part of the debate team and I wrote (poorly) and took pics (not great ones) for my school news papers. Having gone to many different schools & universities I wrote “(s)” I was once the class president (Still not sure how that happened. I can only guess I ran against other really really bad candidates. Or they were afraid of me because this was a school in Jersey and thy knew I also lived in Hell’s Kitchen) I had friends from pretty much all the cliques but was always my own lone wolf.  I was the Breakfast Club rolled into one: The Jock. The Geek. The Weirdo. The Stoner (for a few years). But I wasn’t the Rich Girl growing up. I was the Poor kid from “The Other Side Of The Tracks.” And now- I appreciate that is how I grew up a lot! It made me me, like me or not.


I am, nor is anyone or anything, the sum-total of the label/description we are given and give ourselves. I have have a lot of empath, which means I care for many others who's lives have no effect on my life0 yet I still care and still help when I can. 

I've had, and have, a very, very strange life.

In 1194 at a small event 50 people were invited to by Oliver Stone I meat The Dali Lama (Yep, that Dali.) He told met that I was a “Reiki Master.” To which I said “I don’t know what Reiki is.” To which he smiled and said, (paraphrasing) “When you are ready you will go on that journey.” I figured he was joking and ask almost everyone there, individually, what The Dali Lama said to them- asking if he brought up Reiki. Apparently, I was the only one that day. And according to my brother from another mother, Andrew, I'm the only idiot who didn't go on that road, that journey...... until 2022.

I was invited to study acting with Ivana Chubbuck in 2022 (Even though that is not my main love it helps with writing and directing to stay in tune). She is one of the  greatest acting teachers to eve (She really is a life teacher, who inspires every person lucky enough to be in her presence how to use the tools we all have to have a better life, and in doing so lift our energy that helps others). When Alejandra, my acting partner for Ivan’s class, said to Ivana (after Ivana had only met me for around 5 minutes), "jD is a really nice guy" Ivana said, "No. jD is a really good guy. But a dangerous one." (I have yet to ask her what she fully meant by this. I will. Eventually. But she read me incredibly quickly and I was, and am still, impressive. Because she was possibly dead-on (She didn;t mean in a physical way- although if you call or consider yourself to b a man I will never back down. I have the stab wounds and scars rto prove that. And that ain't bragging because I'm learning what i already know (Paraphrasing): The greatest warrior never has to draw his sword. The greats warrior will walk or even run away to avoid bloodshed caused to someone else." - Sun Tzu from his amazing book, "The Art of War."


So although I might be dangerous, I'm most dangerous to myself…. Like many of us are.

After I had my first encounter with Robin Williams he thought I was a stand up comedian. I said I was not. He sat me down and asked why. I gave him all the excuses. He told me to I was very funny, quick and I would regret it if I didn't try it for at least 6 months. He said he said he felt I could be good at it, probably great and possibly brilliant (I am not. Yet). This was in 2000. And whenever I'd see him he'd ask "Are you doing stand up?" Me: "Not yet." Sometimes he'd call me to fuck off ot something like that,  laugh and hang up on me. We were not friends, we were friendlyI finally  I started doing it in 2006 or 2007. And when he dropped into The Comedy Store on The Sunset Strip and saw me after his sat he asked, I said "Are you audience or preforming?" (Which I am sure he knew the answer based on where I was standing in back of the OR with a group of comedians, but wanted to hear me say it. I said "I'm preforming." He asked, "Did .Mitzi make me a 'Made Man?" I smiled and nodded my head. Then I got the most sweaty, smelly hug in my life and it was glorious! Yet, I lost my passion around 2010 and stopped doing it except here and there and for charity benefits. 


Then, due to Covid and three projects going on hold or death, I started doing stand up again either 30 or 31 March, 2022.

I've been told I somehow manage to be cocky yet humble at the same time (I’m obviously telling you this because I’m cocky and not that humble. I mean, come on! Who has a website that is humble. Uh, no one).

Plenty have thought me to be an asshole. Possibly because I stick to my principles. Or probably because I certainly can be an asshole. Yet another thing on my "new" joruney I'm larning not to be. But- I will always stick to my principles. 

I’ll tell you what I think am from my point-of-view (Which should not be confused with the sum-total of WHO I am):

+I ’m a total contradiction (to myself and others)

+I’m a Contrarian who will constantly and consistently question authority.


+I believe in livign i the moment and letting the path take me where it will lead (This is also a new part of my journey. I' do what i can to spend 80% of my time living in the moment. Not thinking of the second before or after. That to me is pure magic!!! The other 20% I think about the future, and my many past “mistakes” and times I did well so I can learn from them. Although I have learned that many “mistakes” often seem so, but in fact turn out to be the complete opposite.


+Of course I believe in magic. And I wish we all did as well.


+I also believe in the line from the brilliant beyond movie, "The Princess Bride" written by William Goldman and directed by Rob Reiner:

“Life is pain, Highness!...Anyone says differently is selling something”


Did I mentioned I am a massive contradiction?


+I’m a fighter for what i believe in, often knocked down not ever wanting to get back up. But for some reason I don't fully understand, although I am learning why, I do. doing so. I’m love to be a philosopher, who speaks from my truth, which often means I am standing alone, pissing in the wind that is blowing at me.


+I am a truth seeker. And: ”People like the truth as much as they like poetry. And people fucking hate poetry" - From The brilliant movie "The Big Short" Written by Charles Randolph, Adam McKay, Michael Lewis and Directed by Adam McKay.

+I'm a: “Don't Give A fook What You Think Of Me.” In fact, if you don’t like me because you’re unwilling to challenge me and/or be challenged by me in conversations/debates about our difference of opinions I don’t want you in my life. And when I discuss differences I want them and me to use facts; which can be misleading if the facts used are carved out of the full truth, used to prove one's own agenda and/or point is correct. Facts that can often be uncomfortable for both/all sides. That means you can and should also use tour gut instincts/6th sense (To often ignored by most)because so much misinformation/lies is out there, due to many reason, and because rumors of falsehoods spread way faster than the truth. So use your "senses: all you want in a debate with me and others- as long as it is based on real facts and, as stated, not just the ones used and the ones ignored so you win your point  (And yes, I am guilty of doing this. I'm still a Work-In-Progress and throwing stones from a glass house).


Did I mention I'm a major contradiction?

So, what (and possibly "who") am I?

A Storyteller.

But that’s me defining me. In the end, as well as now, it will be others who define me. And that is fine with me.

As long as it's on my terms :)





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