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jD Shapiro Stuff Not On IMDB. Yet

Why are the following items not on jD's IMDB page? No idea. jD's agents and managers have tried to rectify this to no avail. Yet. Everything listed here was sent to IMDB with proof: Links to articles, articles, contracts, etc. 



Two Four The Road: Action/Comedy. Written by jD Shapiro & Aaron William Dozier. In fast-track development, starts shooting in Astoria, Spain in April, 2024 with jD directing. Starring Eduardo Castejon. Will be in English & Spanish. 2023.


Generalísimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead- Directing A Film Is Harder Than Dictating A Country: Limited TV series (6) satire based on the true story of the dictator of Spain being the real director of the film “Raza,” which was based on a book he wrote. Being developed by jD Shapiro’s company, What Exit? Entertainment. 2023.


Four Days in April:  Written by jD Shapiro. Drama. Based on the true story of a young women who change the course of history and helped the allies defeat the nazis. Was influenced by “Fyra Dagar I April” by Magnus Alkarp. Developed by The Swedish Film Institute. Was meant to start pre-production the start of 2019 then covid hit. 2018.


The NFL Defender, The Guardian Project, U-Man, A-Hole Man, F.A.R.T.S. Etc: jD & Stan Lee co-creating & writing partners from 2002 to 2016, creating much comic book, TV series and graphic novel content, as well as being creative advisor on other projects. 2002 to 2017.



Un Viaje: Short movie, dram with some humor, written and directed by jD. 2017. Selected into completion to many film festivals in Spain 2018.


Daddy’s Girl: Comedy action written by jD Shapiro. In development at Newline. 2007.


Development Deal with Spelling TV: To create a TV series jD would have been executive producer on. The series jD was working on, “We Married Margo” did not get picked up by a network. 


Inside/Out: Comedy-drama TV series delved with Paul Risers company. Did not get picked up by a network. 2006.


Working Class Hero: Drama/action. Co-written by Jimmy Cummings & jD Shapiro. Sold it to producer Gale Anne Hurd. Around 2005.


Salvage: Sci-fi. Co-written by Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) & jD Shapiro. In development at Gear Head Productions. 2023.


Blast Off! Action. Co-writer by jD Shapiro & Aaron William Dozier. Set up with Interscope Pictures. Now in development at Paramount Studios. 1997.


Fear: Thriller. Based on an L. Ron Hubbard novella. Written by jD Shapiro. Development at Miramax. Then Interscope. John Travolta signed on to play the lead. 1996.


Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Action/Comedy. Written by jD Shapiro & Aaron William Dozier. In development at Disney/Touchstone Pictures. Betty Thomas was attached to direct and Glenn Close wanted to play the lead. 1995.


Freakydeak Skylark: Comedy. Animated TV series. Created, written & directed and executive produced by jD Shapiro for this the Internet division of NBC. 2004.


The Final Frontier: Sci-fi. Written by jD Shapiro. Lauren Shuler-Donner producer. In development at Warner Brothers. 1990.


Play Ball: TV movie created & written by jD, developed by CBS with Betty White attached to play the lead. After CBS put it into development, jD got the rights back eventually. Many years later Doris Roberts wanted to star in it. Chris Albright, the president of HBO was very interested in making it for HBO, then Dorris Roberts wanted to do it as a feature and it didn’t get made. Yet. 1990.





Eva's Comet: El Festival de Cine de L'Alfàs del Pi (2021): OFFICIAL SELECTION IN COMPETITION WINNER: Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena & Kimberly Tell. 



WINNER: Jury Award Best Movie / Audience Award Best Movie  / Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena .



El Festival Internacional De Cine Indepeniente de Elche (2021): OFFICAL SELECTION COMPETITION



Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (2021: OFFICIAL SELECTION NON COMPETITION

Un Viaje: It was accepted into competition to “The Madrid Art Festival” in 2017. It won “Honourable Mention.”





Stan Lee: jD Was Stan Lee’s creative partner from 2002 to 2016. Stan said jD was his “Protege.” Stan Lee will be in jD’s movie “Knights! Of The Not So Round Table: The Lost Tapes of 420 AD” because jD gave Stan Lee an early version of the screenplay which Stan Lee agreed to play himself and as jD puts it, “I said to Stan, ‘Can I film you now?” To which Stan Lee said, “You mean before I’m dead.” To which iD said, “Yes.” Stan Lee being a great sport accepted. During the shoot, much to jD’s surprise, Stan Lee did a promo for the movie. He also sung a song that jD will use during End Credits (If you want to see a small part of the scene and Stan’s promo you can go on jD’s Vimeo to watch).


Mitzi Shore & her The World Famous Comedy Store On The Sunset Strip: jD was made a Paid Regular by Mitzi Shore in record time (He’d only been doing standup for about 14 months). He was also made a Paid Regular at Stand Up NY.


George Lucas: liked We Married Margo so much he invited jD to Skywalker where he gave him a free sound mix and some great advice about making movies.


Robin Hood: Men In Tights: There is much misinformation about the movie and jD’s roll. The best way to see the truth is to read jD’s spec script, “Robbin The Hood” (Which jD later changed to “Robin Hood: Men In Tights). jD’s dentist, Evan Chandler, told him he wanted to be in the movie business. He told jD about some of his patients in the business, one of them being Emile Buice (sp?), who helped start Brooksfilms with Mel Brooks in the 1970’s. jD is a huge fan of Mel Brooks’s, “2013 Year Old Man,” “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein” and went home very excited, not realizing that just about everyone in Hollywood wants to be in the entertainment business and has a friend in the business, and that the chances of a script selling, non-the-less a movie being made, is highly unlikely. About two weeks later jD came up with the idea for “Men In Tights” because of his love for “The Adventures of Robin Hood” starring Errol Flynn, and his feeling that “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” starring Kevin Costner missed the mark. His first thought was, instead of Frier Tuck to have Mel Brooks, which he “pretended” had already said “Yes” to directing the movie, would play Rabbi Tuckman. When jD told Evan his idea he wanted to arrange a meeting with Emile for jD to pitch it. jD said he wanted to write it on Spec. And the rest his history. Evan Chandler, nor Jordi Chandler (as has been published) had anything to do with jD’s Spect Script, which he wrote on his own. Evan did, however, fix jD’s many typos due to jD’s Dyslexia. jD did not receive sol credit due to the WGA not following it’s own rules, the president at the time being a star-fucker and Mel Brooks threatening to sue the WGA using Bert Fields if he didn’t get a writing credit. jD wrote all the lyrics to all the songs and Hummie Mann, who jD worked with once Mel and he hired him, to blend the lyrics with the music. jD 


also produced the movie, being not only involved in every aspect, but, with Mel, picking: Cast, Crew heads, Ligations, etc. Mel Brooks wanted Eddie Griffin to play Achoo, but after much fighting, jD convinced Mel Brooks to cast the then unknown Dave Chappelle.


Cary Elwes: jD pitched him for the lead because of his love of “The Princess Bride.” Mel Brooks said, “What’s a Cary Elwes?” jD realized that Mel Brooks was very close friends with Carl Reiner. jD asked Mel Brooks to call Rob Reiner. He did. jD, like most conversations with anyone Mel Brooks had concerning “Men In Tights” was on the other end of the phone in Mel Brook’s office listening in on the call. Rob Reiner, much to jD’s delight, said, “Cary was born to play Robin Hood.” 


Sir Sean Connery: At lunch with Mel Brooks during pre-production of Robin Hood: Men In Tights Sir Sean Connery joined them. jD pitcher Sir Sean to play King Richard. Sir Sean wanted to pay QUEEN Richard. They came very close to striking a deal, but in the end it was not to be for circumstances jD can explain. Sir Patrick Stewart played King Richard. jD jokes and says, “Apparently Mel and I would only hire someone with ‘Sir’ in front of their name to play the roll.”


Jim Carey: jD wanted him to play Prince John and Jim and his managers wanted him to play it too. Mel Brooks didn’t want Jim because he said, “He’s a small screen actor.” Meaning he didn’t think Jim Carey could be a movie star. jD thinks it turned out to be best for Jim Carey not to get the part because he went on to play “Ace Venture,” in jD’s opinion a much better movie than “Robin Hood: Men In Tights.” (However, jD doesn’t really like anything that he’s been involved in whether he was the writer, and/or director or The Creative Consultant because he can see what he didn’t get right. So if he can he avoids watching any project he’s done after done editing, and if forced to go to premiers or screenings, after that).


Gary Oldman: Wanted to be in “Robin Hood: Men In Tights,” even if just a very small roll (He was friends with Cary Elwes  and read the script and loved it).


Smokey Robinson: Although not now nor ever was jD a Scientologist, (nor was Smokey Robinson as far as jD knows) jD spent around a month in The Purif with Smokey Robinson , who taught him how to play Uno. jD took many courses, as well as the Purif, at Celebrity Centre Hollywood to make sure he was not sending out subliminal messages in his screenplays, “Fear” and “Battlefield Earth.”  He felt he was not, and had change his script enough from the books so it wasn’t about Scientology. jD was removed from the project due to differences with the studio on how they wanted the story to go. jD said the movie would be a flop based not he notes he got. “BE” was a flop, won many Razzie Awards when it came out in 2000 and won “Worst Movie Of The Decade” in 2010. jD went to the Razzie Awards and accepted the award for Worst Screenplay (You can google jD Shapiro/Razzie Award Speech to hear what he said). After jD accepted his award Sandra Bullock accepted her award for Worst Actress for “All About Steve,” giving a brilliantly funny speech, and going on, the next evening, to win the Oscar for Best Actresses for “Th Blind Side.”


John Travolta: He planned to get in shape and play the good guy, Johnny Goodboy Tyler, in the movie after he read jD’s script. John Travolta loved jD’s script and called it the “Schindler’s List” of sci-fi’s. This sounds insane if you had the unfortunate miss-pleaser of seeing the movie. However, if you read jD’s draft, which was not at all like the movie, you’d understand why John Travolta said that.  To learn more how 

“BE” became such a bad movie you can google “jD Shapiro-NY Post- Battlefield Earth.”


Before “Battlefield Earth, jD was commission by Miramax to write “Fear” with John Travolta as the lead. John asked for more money than expected so the movie went from Miramax to Interscope and eventually into development hell.


John Travolta asked jD to read script for him and see what he gelt after he learned jD would read scripts for friends and advise if they should do them. At first, John’s manager, Jonathan Krane, and his agents at William Morris, headed up by 

Fred Westheimer until the movies jD advise John Travolta not to do tanked (Among them was a movie John’s agents really wanted him to do, directed by John Badham called, “Nick of Time” which starred Johnny Depp in the roll John Travolta was offered.


The Church of Scientology: It was their notes that became the shooting draft that made the movie so bad David Miss (and others in the church) threaten to jD to take his name off the movie (So they’d have plausible disability that he was the original writer, knowing he would talk badly about the movie). jD had planned to take his name off the movie- until he was threaten. As he says, “They had no idea how/where I grew up and I could’t be scared or threaten- in fact it gets me to do what someone threatens me not to do.” (jD grew up very poor in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC with his Dad & North New Jersey with his Mom and three sisters) 


Edinbrugh Festival Fringe 2022 & 2023: jD performed his one man show, I’M with Stupid at The Gilded Ballon in 2002 and his one man show, jD Shapiro Stories From The Hood To Hollywood: If It Ain’t Woke…Don’t Fix it in Just The Tonic in 2023.


Frank Darabont: Wanted to executive produce jD’s movie, “We Married Margo” for HBO as a TV series. When jD’s agents at ICM said, “Frank is good. But what does he know about comedy?” jD know the series was doomed because he could imagine Frank Darabont’s William Morris agents saying to him, “You want to make a TV series with the guy who wrote ‘Battlefield Earth? Really? Really?” 


Micheal Jackson: jD knows about about the Michael Jackson/Jordi Chandler situation than anyone but Evan Chandler, Jordi Chandler & Michael Jackson. jD turned down almost one million dollars, if you combine the amount publications offered him to talk. He was told by Good Morning America if he didn’t come on their show to talk he might never come on again. jD said, sarcastically, “That’s too bad because I always watch your show” then hung up on them.


Robin Williams: jD became friendly with Robin Williams after they met at The HBO comedy festival in 2000. Robin Williams was the main person, along with Jon & Donna Moffit and Randi Siegel), who talked jD into doing stand up.


The NY Post & Written By Magazine: jD has had articles published in both these publications


Neil Armstrong: jD took a trip to a shuttle lunch sent by Interscope for research for a move jD co-wrote with Aaron William Dozier called Blast Off! jD. Neil Armstrong was there because a family friend was one of the astronauts, jD was told “Neil won’t talk to you.” jD approached Neil Armstrong and said, “Can I ask you a question?” To which Neil Armstrong gave jD a look, expecting the usual questions, and was about to walk away when jD said, “Do you think Major Nelson really had a jeannie in “I 


Dream of Jeannie?” This broke the ice and jD got to spend time and hear stories from the first man who walked on the moon, including many funny stories about Buzz Aldrin.


Mila Kunis: jD talked a reluctant Mila Kunis into doing the read-through for Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” feeling they were very interested in hiring her and that they’d see what an incredible actress she is and definitely hire her. At the time, Mila Kunis had just got back from Hawaii, was thinking of quitting acting because she wasn’t getting movie parts and she wasn’t sure if she was right for the part of Rachel.


Marlin Brando: Brando wanted to star In and executive produce, along with jD, a TV series jD created about game shows and what happened to the contents in game shows who won and/or lost prizes in the 1960’s, 1970’s. And 1980’s. Unfortunately, jD was busy with other projects and Brando passed away before it could become a reality.


HB Studios: jD was accepted into and studied with legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen, becoming one of her favorite students to yell at (Supposedly considered a badge of honor)


Sunkist Pistachio Nut Commercial: jD created the character and played it in a. It went on to win Best Commercial in the commercial section of the Cannes Film Festival.


Women in Film Awards: jD was the first ever MC for the first ever awards ceremony, which took place at The Sundance Film Festival, 2001.


The Osbournes: jD has been offered three reality TV series and turned all three down. He was, however, on The Osbournes twice, but not by choice. (The Annoying Neighbour episode) JD did not know he was being recorded not did he ever give them permission to use him in the episodes.


Who’s The Boss: jD did one episode of the series. He left his agent Mark shortly after that and found out years later from his agent’s assitant that “Who’s The Boss” wanted jD to be a regular writer on the series. Mark (Who’s last name jD can’t remember. Mark had a boutique agency he ran with his father in the early 1990’s) Mark lied to them saying something like, “jD only wants to make movies.” jD wants to thank Mark for his lie because if he had been a writer on the series, as much as jD feels he would have loved it, he knows his journey would be very different. Maybe better, maybe worse, but that doesn’t matter because he’s happy with the life he has, even thought it’s been beyond strange, at times incredibly hard & heartbreaking, and at times magical.





“I love doing stand up. It’s like walking a tight rope, over a pool full of hungry sharks, while the audience hacks at the rope with machetes”


“My life has been a magical mystery tour full of pain, joy, love, anger and loss. But, after a long time at always looking at the destination, I now live life in the moment and enjoy the journey , even when it’s not what I thought I wanted and painful. As 



the Stones said, ‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.’”


"We live 3 lives: The one we The one we thought we should have had

The one yet to come" 


“As we get older, we end up living a life full of death. Sad irony in that, the longer we live the more death we experience" 


“Suffering from Manic Depression is a gift in disguised. Instead of fighting my demons, which I did for many years and lost, I embrace them and use them now to fuel my passions. Same goes for my Dyslexia, considered a “learning disability” which I totally disagree with; it’s given me a gift to see things other’s can’t and visual things as a reality and as a moviemaker that is a huge advantage and gift.”


“I don’t have many heroes, I have three: My Mom. My Dad. And Bugs Bunny.”


“If Hell exists it is a place called ‘Earth.”


“Man-made religion, and it’s all ‘Man-mad,” and marketing/advertising are the two biggest evils to infest our world.”


“I hate labels. No one is the sum-total of what other’s claim them to be or what they label themselves. If I had to give myself a label I would say I am a ‘Massive Contraction,” and an alien in a world I often don’t understand. Which I believe many people are both.”





Entertainment Tonight


Hollywood Buzz


Comedy Central



Comedy Central





The Mike & Juliet Show

Movie Talk

The Bob & Tom Show

The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR


And many articles jD was interviewed for in USA, Spain and U.K.





jD’s Website


Jewish Telegraph Article on jD Shapiro (2022)


NY Post Op-Ed on Why Battlefield Earth Was So Bad


Review jD’s Edinbrugh Show 2022


The most memorable comedy gigs of 2022 least according to Chortle editor Steve Bennett (#10)


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jD Shapiro Speech At Razzie Awards, “Battlefield Earth” Receiving ‘Worst Movie Of The Decade” (2010)


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Variety Article on Sibling Rivalry Entertainment “We Married Margo” & jD’s Disney Deal (1998)

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