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Since university I've written & directed two short movies. I love the stories and characters but I didn't feel either one was suited for a feature length movie.

"Eva's Comet", which I co-directed, was shot in Spain on a couple of real cameras :). It is mostly in English with Spanish subtitles. 

I'm very proud to say that both movies got accepted into several very important festivals in Spain and other countries in Europe. (I only entered them into one festival in the USA, "Sundance" which neither got into)  "Eva's Comet" won many awards.




Two broken women, both stuck in the past, opposite in almost every way, are thrust together and end up changing each others lives. 


It’s also a metaphor for how people on the left and right treat each other. Too often neither side having any compassion for the other side, too often judging someone in a negative light without knowing anything about that person, too often thinking one’s own pain is above anyone else’s.


But when you get to know someone personally, more often than not, you have empathy for them, you can learn from them and in doing so… you can heal many of your own wounds.









21 min/58 sec

El Festival de Cine de L'Alfàs del Pi (2021)




+Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena

+Jury Award Best Actor Kimberly Tell 


The judges felt the movie was a 2 hander and decided to give to both Lisi and Kim (They beat out very stiff competition)


Based in Spain, out of almost 1,000 shorts submitted, 21 movies were Selected For Competition



Oricio Film Festival (2021)



+Jury Award Best Movie
+Audience Award Best Movie 
+Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena 

Based in Spain near Salamanca, located in a historic village (and beautiful I might add) this is a newer festival, but is gaining a great reputation for the movies they choose and the way the present them. This year they had very important judges on the jury.



El Festival Internacional De Cine Indepeniente de Elche (2021) 


This festival located in Spain near the ocean. Out of almost 2,000 submissions, 30 movies were Selected for Competition. An outdoor festival that is over 30 years old. The movies we got to see when we attended were spectacular!


Sahar International Short Film Festival (2021)



A fantastic newer festival (I believe 8 years old) based out of the U.K. Due to covid restrictions it was only online this year


Turin Film Festival (2021)


Based in Italy. We are proud to be in this festival that chooses movies who's topics discuss and especially debate religion


Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (2021)


Based in Italy. We are proud of all the festivals we've been Selected into; this one holds a special place in our heats because it's geared towards movies that have themes that show women in a positive and empower manor. Fonzi & I are very lucky and happy to have been raised by women who enlightened us. And we know our success is due to the many women that were in key positions in Eva's Comet.


Several other festivals. Not in Competition (2021)




Directed by: jD Shapiro & Alfonso Antolín


Written by: jD Shapiro


Produced by:  Alejandra Sabá

                       Elisabeth Larena

                       Milena SoccerGirl Suarez


Executive Produced by: Jorge Bayon

                                     jD Shapiro

                                     Alfonso Antolín


Starring: Elisabeth Larena & Kimberly Tell


Cinematographer: Alfonso Antolín


Music Score & Composer: Joe Kraemer


And without our incredible crew, this movie never would have been as good as those who like it feel it is.






















































5 min/52 sec

Un Viaje was shot on my iPhone 6s. t was mostly in Europe, but also a little in The USA. It's a silent movie (Well, dialogue wise. It does have a fantastic score by the brilliant composer Joe Kraemer. The. movie is just under 6 minutes. 

After my father moved to his next journey on another dimension I wanted to tell a story about love and how we can, at times, take it for granted. And I wanted to tell the story the way silent movies were told; using just pictures & music, mainly because love is the one Universal language that needn't ever be spoken.


I also wanted Un Viaje  to be about all kinds of love and not a specific kind of love. Love between a husband & wife or between lovers, a parent & a child, an owner & a pet or the love close friends feel for each other. So I tell the story through the eyes of a balloon. Sounds a little crazy, I know. But then I believe we are all crazy enough to believe in a little magic because, after all- what is love... if not magic.



The Madrid Arts Film Festival 2018

Official Entry into .Competition

Un Viaje also got accepted into some festivals but not in the competition category.



Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Cinematography by: jD Shapiro


               THE Balloon

               Elisabeth Larena

Additional Cinematography & Editing by: Alfonso Antolín


Music Score & Composer: Joe Kraemer



As Ive said in the past, and will say even after I am no longer in this dimention, if people think a movie i've made is good that's because everyone involved made it so. If they think it's bad then that is on me and my fault alone.

Soooooooo many people to thank, and. will forget some. So I want to thank all those who helped with this movie, all my projects really, and all those that influenced over my lifetime thus far. Besos!❤️

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