I grew up so poor we used to pick berries in a junk yard-- in North Jersey-- you know, where bodies are buried in shallow graves. 


My parents were very upset when I decided not to go to Brown University.  But I have a policy, and I refused to go to any college that wouldn't let me in.

I discovered I was Dyslexic the evening I went up on a girl and then tried to forked her.

I grew up in North Jersey & Hell’s Kitchen, so I like to say things like; “Not for nothin’.”  “Look at me.” And “Motherfuckerrrrrr!!!”

I got thrown out of a high school football game for getting into a fist fight- during hte game- with a member of my own team

I got thrown out of a high school tennis match for getting into a fistfight- during my match-with a member of the other team (Tennafy. He was heckling me and didn't stop when I told him to)

I was told I am the only none Scientologist to be on their sacrad ship at sea, The Freewinds. And the only person to ever get into a fist fight- before a meeting with John Travolta- at their Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

NOTE: I am guessing you see a pattern here. Obvioysly I like the color green (Say what?)



Most people’s websites only give you half the facts.  But not on this website.  To really know me, I think it’s only fair you get to see how other people see me and what they really think about me.


 “JD Shapiro is one of, if not the, smartest people I know.” -Teddy Anderson (Last in class. Phoenix Online University)


“He’s probably the finest actor I’ve ever seen. What? Who? jD Shapiro? Oh. Never heard of him.”  -Jack Nicholson (One of the finest actors who’s never heard of me)

“I can’t believe anyone would be pretentious enough to build a website about themselves.  Next thing you  know Mr. Vain dude is going to think he’s so great he’ll be quoting himself!”  -JD Shapiro (Pretentious Mr. Vain dude)


“The guy’s a freakin’ asshole.” -Mother Teresa

“                .                        ,      !”  

                -Marcel Marceau (France’s greatest mime, world’s most annoying person)

Author’s Note: Sadly, Marcel Marceau passed away in 2007.  All of France observed a

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2010 - present

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