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I just finished my first book, “The Cat in The Hat”. I liked it so much he decided to write one of my own. "Think Like a Man: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need" was published by Austin Macauley Publishers in June, 2019.


"Think Like A Man" is on many “Must Read ” lists. It’s available in many book stores, including Barnes & Nobel. 


It can also be bought on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and is available on Kindle. It’s shows women how men think, thus giving you the tools to use that knowledge and these secretes that man WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THEM to get a man in a way a man will love (No gimmicks like so many other books on this subject and women & men end up in short-term and/or bad relationships). Thus the reason this book is a must read, and why it is something men should read and those who hav had said how much they love it.


I will say I'm not sure the "Woke" crowd will like it. In fact, they might want to throw it at my head.


Bring it on! I love civil debate and would look forward to... Wit! Who am I kidding. "Woke" hates debating. Even when I agree with around 90% of what they believe, due to their UNwokeness and really being regressives and not progressive they'd rather cancel me than debate me. Great! Go for it!

I've ben told by many that my book is a very enjoyable read, a quick read, an amazing MANual... and that it’s funny. The comment I get just about all the time, and the one I love the most is, "Your book is empowering."

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