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The first every "Women in Film Awards" took place at The Sundance Film Festival in 2001. I was the MC. This was WAY before I ever started doing stand up. But that night, along with me having to introduce my movie "We Married Margo" to audiences, and several people who say me do both or one of these, talked me into finally doing stand up comedy. The main three being: Randi Siegel (Or Brillstien/Grey), Donna & John Moffit (John being a huge director of stand up shows for films and/or TV) and Robin Williams (Who needs. no introduction).

I have been offered three reality TV series and turned all three down. I was, however, on The Osbournes. But not by choice. (The Annoying Neighbor episode. Yeah, that's my  friends and me) we did not know nor give them permission to use us in the episode. Uber LA Attorney Bert Fields wanted us to sue, due to it being a precedent setting case (use of voice) but we let it go.


"Pucked" was a stinker of a movie I co-starred in. The good guy is played by Jon Bon Jovi. Cary Elwes and I are the bad guys. The EP and I didn't get along so he had me cut out of most of the movie, just a couple of scenes of me remaining; Thank The Universes! (2005)


I was in several Independent movies no one has ever heard of and several theatre productions no one really cares about.  

I have been a judge for several film, script and short story festivals including: The Roswell Short Story Award and Showing Film Awards.

I am a representative and sits on the board of TheCreators2030 UN SDGs Arts Initiative. It’s a sub initiative of ListenGive partner with the United Nations for Sustainable Development Goals. My main task is to head up the fight on Climate Change and mentor young artists on how they can use their stories to create positive change.


I am a member of Who’s Who in America. That is a pic of me and Richard Nixon at an event at his library with about 50 people and many dignitaries, including President Ford & his wife Betty and Henry Kissenger. I'm pretty sure I was the only non-Republican there. With my long hair and Bugs Bunny tie secrete service followed me around pretty much everywhere I went. Many funny stories I can tell about this event!


I have been asked to speak at many events and universities including Harvard Business School.

I have been interviewed on many TV & radio shows, including: 

E!, Showtime, Comedy Central, IFC Bravo, MTV, PBS, The Mike & Juliet Show, Entertainment Tonight, CNN, Bizz Buzz, Movie Talk, MTV, The Bob & Tom Show, The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR


As stated, marketing is one of the two biggest evils on earth. But I am guilty of being involved in it in the past. I created the character and played it in a series of Sunkist Pistachio Nut Commercial. I was a crazy guy who believed I talked to aliens due to this tin foil safari hat with attachment to a blow dryer I made. Hmmm... Maybe that isn't a created character and really is me. Anyway, one of my commercials in this series went on to win just about all the big commercial awards that year, including: Best Commercial in the commercial section of the Cannes Film Festival (2005)

The Cristiano Ronaldo ad was one of the most watched ads online ever and people got some laughs and thrills from it. (2016)

In "The Strand Venice" I play an out of control & and out of his mind talent agent in this ensemble web series created, directed and executive produced by Dan Myrick (co-creator & co-director of The Blair Witch Project) (2004) This series was way ahead of it's time.

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