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jD is an award winning Writer/Director/Actor/Creative Consultant. Movies he's worked on have earned over 2 billion dollars world wide. Mitzi Shore made jD a Paid Regular at The Comdy Store on the Sunset Strip and jD had only been doing stand up for around one and a half years. Robin Williams is one of the people who talked jD into doing stand up. Jd was creative partners with Stan Lee from 2002 to 206,

Most of the awars jD has received this far are great. One (as you will see)…not so much.

YOU CAN FIND SOME THINGS ABOUT jD's ON IMDB & WIKI (A LOT OF HIS WORK THAT HE CAN PUBLICLY TALK ABOUT, DUE TO NDA'S IS NOT ON EITHER. HOWEVER, MANY OF THE THINGS HE CAN GO PUBLIC WITH ARE NOT ON EITHER) We've sent them links, articles and contracts to prove the projects jD has worked on, they have have not added them yet.

 Project of jD's Not Listed on IMDB & Wikipedia (For reasons unknown)

TwoFour The Road: Action/Comedy. Written and to be directted by jD, depending on jD's schdul it start shooting in starts shooting in Astoria, Spain in May or June 2024. Starring Eduardo Castejon. Director of Photgraphy: Alfonso Antolín. Will be shot In English & Spanish (with some Basque and Russian). 


Generalísimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead- Directing A Film Is Harder Than Dictating A Country: Limited TV series (6) satire based on the true story of the dictator of Spain being the real director of the film “Raza,” which was based on a book he wrote. Being developed by jD Shapiro’s company, What Exit? Entertainment. 2024.


The Edinbrugh Festival Fringe, 2023.D's one hour, one man stand up show was a big success at  Although, due to schedule issues, jD didn't start performing until mid way through the festival (so no reviewers cam), after 2 performances in a 60 seat venue, word-of-mouth spread and jjD was switched to a bigger venue of 157 people, which was packed almost every night of the 11 nights he performed.

Four Days in April:  Written by jD Shapiro. Drama. Based on the true story of a young women who change the course of history and helped the allies defeat the nazis. Was influenced by “Fyra Dagar I April” by Magnus Alkarp. Developed by The Swedish Film Institute. Was meant to start pre-production the start of 2019 then covid hit. 2018.


The NFL Defender, The Guardian Project, U-Man, A-Hole Man, F.A.R.T.S. Etc: jD & Stan Lee co-creating & writing partners from 2002 to 2016, creating much comic book, TV series and graphic novel content, as well as being creative advisor on other projects. 2002 to 2017.

Un Viaje: Short movie, dram with some humor, written and directed by jD. 2017. Selected into completion to many film festivals in Spain 2018.

Daddy’s Girl: Comedy action written by jD Shapiro. In development at Newline. 2007.

Development Deal with Spelling TV: To create a TV series jD would have been executive producer on. The series jD was working on, “We Married Margo” did not get picked up by a network. 


Inside/Out: Comedy-drama TV series delved with Paul Risers company. Did not get picked up by a network. 2006.


Working Class Hero: Drama/action. Co-written by Jimmy Cummings & jD Shapiro. Sold it to producer Gale Anne Hurd. Around 2005.


Salvage: Sci-fi. Co-written with Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) & jD Shapiro. In development at Gear Head Productions. 2023.


Blast Off! Action. Co-writer by jD Shapiro & Aaron William Dozier. Set up with Interscope Pictures. Now in development at Paramount Studios. 1997.


Fear: Thriller. Based on an L. Ron Hubbard novella. Written by jD Shapiro. Development at Miramax. Then Interscope. John Travolta signed on to play the lead. 1996.


Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Action/Comedy. Written by jD Shapiro & Aaron William Dozier. In development at Disney/Touchstone Pictures. Betty Thomas was attached to direct and Glenn Close wanted to play the lead. 1995.


Freakydeak Skylark: Comedy. Animated TV series. Created, written & directed and executive produced by jD Shapiro for this the Internet division of NBC. 2004.


The Final Frontier: Sci-fi. Written by jD Shapiro. Lauren Shuler-Donner producer. In development at Warner Brothers. 1990.

Play Ball: TV movie created & written by jD, developed by CBS with Betty White attached to play the lead. After CBS put it into development, jD got the rights back eventually. Many years later Doris Roberts wanted to star in it. Chris Albright, the president of HBO was very interested in making it for HBO, then Dorris Roberts wanted to do it as a feature and it didn’t get made. Yet. 1990.



Due to NDA's jD cannot talk about awards won on movies he was the creative consultant on.

Let's just say you problem know the movies and you certianlhy know of these awards.

We Married Margo: Shot on 35mm film, using three film stocks and two different cameras, production cost of $280,000 WMM won many prestigious awards inclduing Audience Award for Best Film at The HBO Comedy Festival.

Eva's Comet: El Festival de Cine de L'Alfàs del Pi (2021): OFFICIAL SELECTION IN COMPETITION WINNER: Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena & Kimberly Tell. 


WINNER: Jury Award Best Movie / Audience Award Best Movie  / Jury Award Best Actor Elisabeth Larena .

El Festival Internacional De Cine Indepeniente de Elche (2021): OFFICAL SELECTION COMPETITION


Sguardi Altrove Film Festival (2021: OFFICIAL SELECTION NON COMPETITION

Un Viaje: It was accepted into competition to “The Madrid Art Festival” in 2017. It won “Honourable Mention.”

Battlefield Earth: Razzie award winner in 2000 for many areas. Most Razzie Awards ever received at the time. We are not sure if that record has been broken, and since it's not jD's script they made he hopes it has not nor evr will be broken. Razzie Award 2010 for Worst Movie of Teh Decade. jD not only agreed with this award but went to the Razzie to accept it for the actually uh, non-filmmakers who made it, the same year Sandra Bullock accept her Razzie Award for Worst Actress in All About Steve, and the next evening went to collect her Oscar for Best Actress in The Blind Side.

jD Shapiro Speech At Razzie Awards, “Battlefield Earth” Receiving ‘Worst Movie Of The Decade” (2010)

NY Post Op-Ed on Why Battlefield Earth Was So Bad



Micheal Jackson: jD knows about about the Michael Jackson/Jordi Chandler situation than anyone but Evan Chandler, Jordi Chandler & Michael Jackson. jD turned down almost one million dollars, if you combine the amount publications offered him to talk. 

Neil Armstrong: jD took a trip to a shuttle lunch sent by Interscope for research for a move jD co-wrote with Aaron William Dozier called Blast Off! jD. Neil Armstrong was there because a family friend was one of the astronauts, jD was told “Neil won’t talk to you.” jD approached Neil Armstrong and said, “Can I ask you a question?” To which Neil Armstrong gave jD a look, expecting the usual questions, and was about to walk away when jD said, “Do you think Major Nelson really had a jeannie in Dream of Jeannie? This broke the ice and jD got to spend time and hear stories from the first man who walked on the moon, including many funny stories about Buzz Aldrin.


Mila Kunis: jD talked a reluctant Mila Kunis into doing the read-through for Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” feeling they were very interested in hiring her and that they’d see what an incredible actress she is and definitely hire her. At the time, Mila Kunis had just got back from Hawaii, was thinking of quitting acting because she wasn’t getting movie parts and she wasn’t sure if she was right for the part of Rachel.


Marlin Brando: Brando wanted to star In and executive produce, along with jD, a TV series jD created about game shows and what happened to the contents in game shows who won and/or lost prizes in the 1960’s, 1970’s. And 1980’s. Unfortunately, jD was busy with other projects and Brando passed away before it could become a reality.


HB Studios: jD was accepted into and studied with legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen, becoming one of her favorite students to yell at (Supposedly considered a badge of honor)

Sunkist Pistachio Nut Commercial: jD created the character and played it in a. It went on to win Best Commercial in the commercial section of the Cannes Film Festival.

Women in Film Awards: jD was the first ever MC for the first ever awards ceremony, which took place at The Sundance Film Festival, 2001.


The Osbournes: jD has been offered three reality TV series and turned all three down. He was, however, on The Osbournes twice, but not by choice. (The Annoying Neighbour episode) JD did not know he was being recorded not did he ever give them permission to use him in the episodes.


Who’s The Boss: jD did one episode of the series. Years after he left his agent on amicable tersm, so he thought (who's name he would gladly publish if he remembered - Mark ???) jD after found  from his agent’s assitant (who wss going through AA and made amends to people - which jD feels was not fair to him he never needed to know) that “Who’s The Boss” wanted jD to be a regular writer on the series. His gents never told him this offer.



Entertainment Tonight, CNN, Hollywood Buzz, E-Entertainment, Comedy Central, E!, Showtime, Comedy Central, IFC, Bravo, MTV, PBS, The Mike & Juliet Show, Movie Talk, The Bob & Tom Show, The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR.


Several articles jD was interviewed for in USA, Spain and U.K. And a few op-eds published.



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