jD Shapiro is an award winning writer/director who grew up in North, New Jersey with his mom and three sisters and Hell's Kitchen, NYC with his dad. Most of the awards he's won are great. One…Not so much.

jD has sold over a dozen screenplays to almost every major Hollywood studio including, Warner Brothers, Disney, New Line, Miramax, Paramount & Twenty Century Fox. He has been hired to write & rewrite many more, and has been a creative consultant on even more. Movies jD has worked on have made almost 2 billion dollars world wide and some have won major awards. jD’s television deals include Fox, Big Ticket and Spelling Entertainment. 


jD's developed a reputation for writing strong, layered characters that stars love to play. Although he is sought after in almost every genre, it's his ability to write comedy that sets him apart and gets him the most attention. Mel Brooks called jD, “One of the greatest comic minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”

jD is Stan Lee’s protégé and was his creative partner from 2002 to 2016. Mitzi Shore made jD a Paid Regular at The Comedy Store after he'd only been doing stand-up for a little over a year.

Since 2012, jD spent a lot of time going back and forth to Europe, mostly Spain. Since December 2019 he’s lived in Madrid and Marbella. His love for Spain, and enthusiasm for the talent it has to offer, both in front of and behind the camera, had him sign with Spanish agent Sonia Alegre Gresa in March of 2021. He is now developing movies and TV series in Spain for Spanish & worldwide markets. His goal is to open up a studio in Madrid within the next five years.

jD wrote the screenplay for "Four Day's in April." It was to be shot in Sweden in 2020 but was put on hold due to Covid. It’s based on the true story of a Norwegian woman living in Sweden during WW2, who ends up changing the course of the war and helping defeat the nazis. It’s Inspired by the historical novel, "Fyra Dagar I April" by renown Swedish novelist Magnus Alkarp. The development was funded by Swedish Film Fund Productions. They loved jD's screenplay so much they then hired him to write, "Spring’s Eternal Youth." 

jD wrote & directed the short movie, "Un Viaje." Shot on an iPhone 6S in LA, Malibu, NYC, Madrid, Marbella, Lisbon and Venice, it was accepted as an Official Entry in to several important film festival, including The Madrid Art Festival, 2018. It was, by far, the movie with the smallest budget accepted into the festival.

jD enjoyed making a short movie so much, he just finished post production on his second short, “Eva’s Comet.” He wrote the script, and then co-directed the movie with Alfonso Antolín Hernández, It's the story of two broken women, both stuck in the past, opposite in almost every way, and when thrust together end up changing each others lives. A metaphor for how people on the left & right treat each other; too often neither side having any compassion for the other, judging someone in a negative light without knowing anything about them and thinking one’s own pain is above anyone else’s. It was picked up by House of Film for distribution.

In 2019 jD wrote the feature horror movie, "Haunting Grounds" for Andrew Erin Entertainment based in Canada. The company then hired him in 2020 to develop, "Under the Surface," and "Hunger." jD is presently writing a new a comic book series for his company, What Exit? Entertainment. He has interest from several publishers in his book, "A Beautiful Lie.” The story is about two of the many projects jD and Stan Lee created together, these two being "The NFL Defenders" and "The NHL Guardian Project." He plans to release it as a book first, then a TV series. 

jD has performed stand-up all over the USA. He is set for his European debut by premiering his one man show, "I'm with Stupid," at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021. Due to Covid restrictions that could force the festival to not go live, this might be delayed until 2022. jD has had articles published in “The NY Post,” and “Written By” magazine. He has given lectures & seminars on screen writing, directing and acting at universities and events throughout the United States and Europe. jD was asked to speak at Harvard Business School and be a judged for several film festivals in the United States & Europe.

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