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I overcame my fear of public speaking due to mixing up sentences losing my place and forgetting what I am supposed to say next and forgetting what I already said and. not to repeat myself due to my Dyslexic. Or perhaps it's due to me being an idiot.


I am proud to say Mitzi Shore made me a "Made Man" (Paid regular at The World Famous Comedy Store on The Sunset Strip (As well as The Store in San Diego). I had only been doing stand ip for a little over a year.

I am also a Made Man at Stand Up NY in NYC.  I perform stand-up all across the United States and Spain, and due to my one man show in The Edinburgh Festival Fringe at The Gilded Balloon called "I'm with STUPID" frm 3 August to 29 August 2022, I am now being asked to perform my storytelling show, as well as my "normal" stand up in many counties on many continents.

Due to my  film & TV schedule my availability can get wanky but I love, love, love doing stand up & Storytelling and plan to focus more on it in 2023.


If you contact my agents they can let you know when I'm available.

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