People have tried to define me my entire life, with definitions that don’t quite fit.

I’m not a filmmaker, as I hardly use film anymore and use mostly digital. I’m not a Moviemaker, as that is limiting. 


I was never the Class Clown or School Bully (Thank The Universe!) I never asked to be on put the pedestal many tried to knock me down from. I never feel like I fit in... though you might have thought otherwise. 


I was the Breakfast Club rolled into one; the Jock, the Geek, the Weirdo, the Stoner. But I wasn’t the Pretty Rich Girl. I was the Poor kid From The Other Side Of The Tracks.

I was Co-Captain of my football team, in the chess club, the Drama Club and Debate Team. I wrote & took pics for my school news paper. I was once the class president.


I ran with many cliques, yet was my own lone wolf.


I’ll tell you what I am, which should not be confused with the sum-total of who I am.

jD Shapiro - For The Comedy Store wall.j