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   Click above if you want to see a few pics of Stan & jD as well as some of the projects they created

"Jake is the Iron Man of Comedy!" - Stan Lee


From 2002 to 2016 jD was creative partners with comic book legend Stan Lee.

jD considered Stan his mentor and jD is very proud that Stan called him his “Protégé.”

Stan became like a grandfather to jD and talked with him about lots of things he didn’t discuss with many people and are not public knowledge. 

jD has had offers to write a book he calls "A Beautiful Lie" with the intention of it becoming a limited TV series. It's about the almost 15 years he and Stan worked together. (The "lie" and "liars are not Stan; They are many on the the business side of the company that took two "sure things," The NFL Defenders" & "The NHL Guardian Project" and due to ineptitude, terrible decision making, ego and mainly embezzling money to use for their own person wants including gambling, drugs and prostitutes. 

jD has made it clear there are things he will use in the story that are not public knowledge because he feels Stan would be fine with the world knowing these things about life, both personal and business, and there are other things he and Stan discussed that will go with jD to the grace.

Once Jonnie, Stan's wife of 75 years took ill Stan stop working and several of the projects he and jD were working on have not been completed. Yet. jD plans to make take the best of wha they worked on and dreamed of and turn those into a reality. 


Besides creating, The NFL Defenders,  The NHL Guardian Project Stan and jD created may other comic book content, including F.A.R.T.S", U-Man" "Ahole Man" (with jD starring in the comic book & live-action series). Also a comic book series of superheroes based on characters from The Bible.  And numerous projects as well as Creative Consulting bigs they did together.


Before Stan's passing Stan filmed a cameo for a script jD wrote because Stan loved it so much. Unless other cameos are in a vault somewhere, once this movie is made it might just be Stan Lee's last movie appearance. The movie could go into production in 2023. It's a spoof/satire called, "King Arthur & His Knights! Of The Not So Round Table. The Lost Tapes of 524 ad. 

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