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"Jake is the Iron Man of Comedy!" - Stan Lee


From 2002 to 2016 jD was creative partners with comic book legend Stan Lee. jD considered Stan his mentor and jD is very proud that Stan called him his “Protégé.”

Stan and jD created many comic book projects together. Some witht h group, some on their own.


Stan became like a grandfather to jD and talked with him about lots of things he didn’t discuss with many people and are not public knowledge. 

Before Stan left this dimension jD filmed him in a scene (not just a cameo) for a script jD wrote because Stan loved it. King Author & His Knights! Of The Not So Round Table. The movie has not been made- yet.

The 2nd pic is during the shoot for "Knights!"


The next pic: Many networks used this pic to announce the passing of Stan Lee. Since there are millions of pics of Stan with A-list celebrities- jD was shocked and honoured. Or as he put it, "I was sad, happy, surprised, It was it was very serial."

It didn't matter what city nor how many times I went with Stan to Comic Con, I'm positive if God showed up... people would push God aside to see Stan Lee" - jD Shapiro

Stan Lee & jD at San Deigo Comic Con

"When Stan first attended Comic Con, I believe the original is San Diego, he told me it was him and like 8 people" - jD

(30 sec)

Dan Myrick (Co-Creator & Co Director The Blair With Project) Promo for King Arthur & His Knights! Of the Not so Round Table

(2 min/3 sec) 

Stan "The Man" Lee has a scene in the yet to be shot movie (Not just a cameo)

***jD as a promo Stan did for Knights, unexpectedly, as well as the scenese Stan are in ad behind the scenes footage. He said he'll shw them when the time is right

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