The Guardian Project

Stan “The Man” Lee (Spider Man, Iron Man, etc.) and I created many new comic book characters. One was The NFL Defenders and another was The NFL Guardian Project. The idea in both sports franchises being; We should always strive for individual greatness, but never forget that the total is more powerful then the sum of its parts. 


    And His Advenures On Planet Earth

FreakyDeak SkyLark was optioned by NBC.  Being Dyslexic I would consistently write “Dog” when I meant to write “God.”  And then I realized “Delivery” has “Devil” in it and so I created FreakyDeak SkyLark.


He’s a dog who created the Universe with his big bang... a massive fart.  His one time best friend, the Delivery Man, is now his biggest enemy.  FS must stop him from delivering his secret package, for if he does-- the world  is doomed.

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         A-HOLE MAN

A-Hole Man is a offbeat superhero who, by accident, gains super-human strength and uses it not to fight harden criminals, but to do battle figting assholes.  You know, the person who double parks blocking your driveway, or the person who cuts you off then gives you th finger, or the person who cuts you in line oe the customer service rep who ask you the same stupid questions... A long line assholes, who we learn many have come to eath from Planet Stinkyfinger just to piss us off and make our day bad

A-Hole Man fights them all and is a champion of the common man,  who’s sick and tired of assholes.