"jD Shapiro must be strung up by the testicles at once for divulging so great a store of secret man-knowledge!  He does seem to be sincerely motivated by lowering the barriers to romance, though, and his advice is right on.”  - Keith Blanchard, former Editor In Chief “Maxim Magazine.”


This (Think Like A Man The Only Guide You'll Ever Need ) is fun, funny and most importantly, incredibly informative. It is the best book I’ve ever read on this subject”  - Angel Adams, Author of “I’m Easy and I Have Bad Taste.”


"I'm not normally a fan of self-help relationship books.  But Think Like A Man  is less of a self-help book and more of a guide.  One no woman should be without.” - M. Joanna Menchell, Writer for “La2Day.com”


Mr. Shapiro’s book took me to a place of possibilities.  A place where something that I started to believe was impossible could become a reality.  It made me believe again in happily ever after.”  - Ivie Anderson, Sales Manager


It’s ‘The Bible’ for women.”  - Adam Novak, Author of  "The Non Pro."