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jD Shapiro Speech At Razzie Awards for Battlefield Earth”

Receiving "The Worst Movie Of The Decade” in 2010 (Well deserved!)

(3 min/8 sec)

Margot Robbie Faviorte Movie Growing Up is?...

(19 sec: The interview is longer if you want to Google it)

Movie Starring "R" With Surprise Ending (But you might be able to figure it out)

(2 min/45 sec)

El País Article on jD Shapiro (2021)


NY Post Op-Ed on Why Battlefield Earth Was So Bad

The most memorable comedy gigs of 2022 least according to Chortle editor Steve Bennett (#10)

Jewish Telegraph Article on jD Shapiro (2022)


We Married Margo Interview On Entertainment Tonight

(2 min/40 sec)

Eve's Comet- Trailer

Multi-Awarding Winning Short Written By jD Then Co-Directed with Alfonso Antolín

(42 sec)

Review of We Married Margo

Variety Article on Sibling Rivalry Entertainment “We Married Margo” & jD’s Disney Deal in 1998


One In A Series Of Award Winning Sunkist Commercials jD Created And Stars In

(30 Sec)


Another of the Sunkist Commercials

(30 sec)

One Of A Series Of Commercials jD created and Directer Fo The Obama Campaign in 20008

(29 sec)


Cary Elwes And jD In Scene From Robin Hood: Men In Tights

(30 sec)

jD Being Interviewed On Entertainment Tonight For Robin Hood: Men In Tights

(11 sec)

Willie Geist (From MSNBC MorningJoe)Talking About jD's Article About Battlefield Earth

(51 Sec)

Dan Myrick (Co-Creator & Co Director The Blair With Project) Promo for King Arthur & His Knights! Of the Not so Round Table

(2 min/3 sec)

Stan "The Man" Lee has a scene in the yet to be shot movie (Not jsut a cameo)


We Married Margo - Awards

I'M with STUPID - Trailer

(2 min/20 sec) 

My first ever one man, one hour show premiered at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2022 in The Gilded Ballon at 9pm from 3 August to 30 Aug 2023.

Stand Up Set - jD Had Been Doing Stand Up For Around 5 Months

"If I'm going to brag about good sets I should also brag about bad ones- like this one. This is a small piece of that bad set. For some reason the booker for David Letterman came to see me. I didn't get on Letterman. Ever.

(2 min/31 sec)

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