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Hola! Welcome to my website. 

People have tried to define who I am my entire life, with definitions that don’t quite fit.


Was never the Class Clown nor School Bully (Thank the Universe!) I was Co-Captain of my football team, in the Drama Club, on the Debate Team, wrote & took pics for my school newspaper and was once the class president with no idea how or why I won. I ran with many different cliques, yet was my own lone wolf. Except the rich kid, I am “The Breakfast Club” rolled up into one.  


I’m a contradiction. A contrarian. A Word Smith (Quite a bold statement for someone Dyslexic). A champion to those less fortunate, a believer in animal rights and a non believer in man made religion. 


What defines me most:




An art form too often forgotten or discarded. An art form that brings the human experience to life. An art form that connects the past with the present, allows us to dream of a better future, and gives us eternal life.


But that’s me defining me. In the end, as well as now, it will be others who define me.


But on my terms.