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Where Have I Been???


1 Febuary 2024 Earth time:

I fell off the face of the earth. Turns out it IS flat. Be careful when you get to New Jersey.

I'm now back. Mostly

"Life is what happens when you're planning other things."  And life did happen to me. Like it has for most. It rained down on me in rays of sunshine droplets; ones I thought were bad now I see as glorious. A journey that lead me to the journey I am now on, one where I focus, as best I can, on living in the present- being in the moment, which is the best place to be! (80% of my time doing that- as best I can. 10% of my time I look at the past to learn from. 10% on the future to plan, but quickly change when things on my path change, Doing all I can to be like a great suffer who plans when they see the wave, hit it, and it does something different than expected. Yet instead of fighting that wave and it's plan they go with it... and have a magical ride. 

What does this all mean?


An awaking for me. A lifting of my energy, thus all energy on this planet and all The Universes are lifted to a higher and better form (I feel there are  3 Universes. Why? I have no idea. Yet). Lifting our energy is something we can all do. And by doing so we lift other's energy.


To do this we just have to go back to learn what we knew at birth...and were untaught in life.

I was in a dark void with no light, fighting my demons. Now- I've stop fighting them. I embraced them. So instead of them using me I am using them to benefit myself and others (Funny how this works and I suggest you try it if you, like me, have fallen. or stumbled. Or if you want to see fantastic things unimaginable when in the dark void, not letting it crush the spirit of imagination and life).

One of many things I have recently learned:


Although I've had a little success in life and living- I have not lived up to the potential others saw in me. I’m now ready to stop pretending to be who I am not- and live up to be what I see I can be.

Which means I need to be the me that is in fact, not fiction me. Warts, pains, daggers inside and out, admitting I've done wrong and right. (Terms that aren't totally true when it comes to all that is, was and ever will be, which I can explain what I mean if you're interested). Making amends to those who are willing to forgive me.


Forgiveness: A trait, gift really, One I fully believe heals the person forgiving- as well as the one who honestly wants to be forgiven. 


My reality now: I am strongest when I am at my weakest. 

Thus the massive wall with a shark infested moat I've created to around me to keep people out- in reality imprisons me. Creating broken feathers scattered in vast fields of emptiness- until all vanishes.  But Now in distant haze in the morning doo- and I see that the feathers are not scattered at all. They are a rebirth. The likes a Phoenix would be proud of, beating their chest in glory to the golden rays of sunlight dipped in the blue waters with depths to deep to count and full of life unknown to us.

I no longer fear when I zoom down dark and winding roads, twisting into corners I cannot see past, each corner more dangerous thane next when feared- yet no fear ever reaching the magnitude of what I saw in my untrained mind. Now I see the that the dangerous turns are joyous. Which I always knew they would in all that is me. Which was not me.


Until now. 


This energy carries me across frozen, jagged glass mountains, my body and soul moving past their teeth sharper than Jupiter’s wings with a whim too burry my soul in hast, not to be denied the pleasure of the fall they want to see, relishing in others pain. I brush this all aside with a spirt of energy, moving past all the Minotaur’s axes blazing, swinging for me, unable to stop me from standing back up and stepping forward…without succumbing to my pain nor overwhelmed by fears that aren’t true. I ignore all the blinding noise, moving forward while they try to push me back, while I think to go back yet overcome my mind with my matter. Because time is an illusion created by human's to control our will to live. Not just be alive. But to live. So I choose to live and be me.

Okay, enough Yoda Jake :) Now I'll get to some funny shit. Perhaps


PS: Other than a fw things like my Mission Statement I'll leave the rest of this site for others to write about me. Because, well, this site is to talk about the good. Leaving out the bad. Laving out the downs just having the ups.  And- I'd rather have others write about what they feel are my ups.

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