Hola! Welcome to my website. 

People have tried to define me my entire life, with definitions that don’t quite fit.

I was never the Class Clown or School Bully (Thank the Universe!) I was Co-Captain of my football team, I was part of the Drama Club and Debate Team. I wrote & took pics for my school news paper. I was once the class president but also the Poor kid From The Other Side Of The Tracks.


I ran with many cliques, yet was my own lone wolf.


I’ll tell you what I am, I am an open book (Kind of literally now that the first book I wrote was published June, 2019. And We Married Margo, the first movie I wrote, acted and directed is loosely based on my life)

I’m a contradiction, a Contrarian. A Word Smith, which is quite a bold statement for someone Dyslexic. 


I am a Story Teller.


But that’s me defining me. In the end, as well as now, it will be others who define me.

But on my terms.




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