After sort of finishing college I drove to LA with $900, a head full of dreams, a trunk full of crap and my future ex-fiance. I wrote Robin Hood: Men In Tights on spec.  20th Century Fox & Brooksfilms bought it because luckily for me, Mel Brooks had a thing for men in tights and Fox wasn’t judgmental.


Also luckily for me, Mel likes having the writer around, so I was involved in every aspect of the making of Men In Tights.  I decide most of the casting with Mel, and helped Mel decide on key production staff, locations, wardrobe, etc. 


I also got to mangle Hummie Mann’s great music by writing the lyrics to all the songs, including the main song, “We’re Men In Tights.” 


Although Mel wanted someone else for Ahchoo, I was able to convince him to cast the then unknown Dave Chappelle.