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After sort-of graduation college, jD moved out to Los Angels in a junker car full of crap, his girlfriend ("She was not at all full off crap" - jD, around $100 and a head full of dreams. In LA jD wrote on spec and sold Robin Hood: Men In Tights to Twentieth Century Fox & BrooksFilms.


He was heavily involved in the pre-production, producing & casting. He is most proud that he, as he says, "...I argued and fought with Mel Brooks, the director, and finally convinced Mel Brooks to hire Cary Elwes to play Robin Hood ,and the then unknown Dave Chappelle to play Achew." 


Although jD is very proud of the cast that came to be, he could not convince Mel Brooks to hire many others, including: Jim Carey, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Ashley Judd. And,, AND, Sir Sean Connery! (jD sometimes tells why Sir Sean was not in MIT when he does stand up).

jD wrote all the lyrics to all the music created by Hummie Mann. jD did not get credit because... You can ask him.

From conception to release was a little over a year. "I thought this is how it would always work in Hollywood. Boy was I ever wrong!" -jD

WHY the pic of Margot Robbie? Ask jD or google Ms. Robbie and you will find out.


And was the pic from a scene jD did with Cary Elwes in the final cut of the movie? Ask jD.

Okay. Here are some answers:

Margot Robbie Faviorte Movie Growing Up is?...

(19 sec: The interview is longer if you want to Google it)

Cary Elwes And jD In Scene From Robin Hood: Men In Tights

(30 sec)

jD Being Interviewed On Entertainment Tonight For Robin Hood: Men In Tights

(11 sec)

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