We Married Margo was accepted as an Official Entrée to many festivals. It won many awards, including: The Audience Award For Best Feature at HBO’s Comedy Festival in Aspen and a Best Actor Award for jD Shapiro at the Pi Phan Film Festival in Korea.  George Lucas liked “Margo” so much he invited me to Skywalker and gave the film a free post-production sound mix.  I can’t say enough about his and Glenn Kieser’s generosity.


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Margo was shot in 17 days on 35mm film for around $230,000. I was able to do this amazing feat because of many people who worked on the film, especially my sisters, Monica Levinson and Rebecca Bennett.  Margo was seen on IFC/Bravo, Comedy Central, Fox, Chicago Superstation, My13, Showtime, and syndicated world wide.  


I was also lucky enough to get some actors you will recognize to appear in “Margo,” all of whom were beyond generous with their time and amazing to work with.


I can’t mention all of them because I promised I wouldn’t use them to market the movie.  Some of the actors I can mention are: Maurice Bernard (who is truly a Saint), golf legends Mark O’Meara and the late great Payne Stewart, (we all miss Payne), Dan Cortez (who went blond because he lost a bet), Julie Moran & her husband Rob Moran (Julie made Rob bring home the chicken outfit for later that evening), Victoria Tennant (who actually isn’t a tenant but an owner), Margaret Easley (who was easley to work with - okay, that was really corny), Fay Masterson ( who is a master at her craft).

Some trivia 

Monica Levinson (without whom this movie wouldn’t be), won many awards for being the Executive Producer on Borat. In December of 2007 she was honored by ”Jewish Woman,” an organization based in Washington D.C. that donates money to women shelters and empowers women from all walks of life.  


Entertainment Weekly voted my co-star, William “Rock” Dosier, the #5 villain of all time for his role as Roy Stolin in Better Off Dead. 


One of my executive producers, Brian Woods, won several major awards for a series of commercials he produced.  


Karen Shapiro won many Emmy’s for TV shows she’s produced.  Nancy Shapiro looked cancer in the face and beat the shit out of it.  Pam Schloss was a big wig at XM Radio until she decided she wanted to get involved with an organization that fights against censorship.  (It’s would be a gross understatement to say Margo would never had been made without their persistence, their support and their annoyance :)


Two other producers on “Margo” Stephen Zakman & Robert D. Slane, won an award at the International Family Film Festival for a movie they produced called Come Away Home.  


I would also like to thank Bob Jerkowski for teaching the importance of storytelling through editing, Harry Clein, who by coming onboard not only made Margo a better movie, made me a better person and Donna Moffitt, who saw the movie by mistake, championed it by telling people they had to see it, and championing me by bugging me enough to finally convince me I should be doing stand-up.


I am eternally grateful to all the people who made “Margo” happen, and to all the fans who have taken

We Married Margo - Interview Entertainment Tonight

We Married Margo - Interview Enterteinment Tonight