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Because the job of God was already taken, jD wrote, directed & starred in We Married Margo. He shot it in 17 days, for $280,000 on three different 35mm film stocks(To give different looks for Normal scenes, Fantasy scenes and Mockumentary stye scenes

Wmm won many prestigious awards for the film, writing, directing and action. It won The Audience Award for Best Film at The HBO Comedy Festival.

WMM was in completion at many other festivals include; Slamdance (Came in 2nd place for Jury award). NY Film Festival. The LA Comedy Festival. The Mrlind  Film Festival. The Pi Phan Film Festival (jD won "Best Actor")  Etc. Etc. Etc..

George Lucas liked the film so much he invited jD to Skywalker Ranch for a free sound mix and great advice (While there, jD plotted how to steal the original Lightsaber. Ok, he really didn't plot it out. H stole it! :)

New Line Cinema acquired WMM for release.


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