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Just Might Present...

King Arthur & His Knights! Of The Not So Round Table

The Lost, Then Found, Then Lost Again Videos Of 420 AD


STAN LEE is in the movie. 

Yes indeed! I went back in time because Stan wanted to be in "Knights!"

Ok, ok. I filmed Stan "The Man" Lee prior to him passing away (I know: Duhhhh, dude). Since, sadly, he is no longer with us in this dimension he SCENE (not just a cameo) is probably the last real appearance in a movie ever (Well, with AI... But. that would not be the real Stan Lee). 'Nough said.

The style of "Knights" is me going to my roots; my first movie made in Hollywood: Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and wrote this spoof (with more satire than RH:MIT) to finally put all the rumors about Camalot to reast and tell the first ever true telling of legend (Which I was able to do because there actually was Betamax cameras back in 420 AD and I saw it. Well, some of it).

Our dear King Arthur has a big heart but is lacking in the smarts department When he pulls the magnificent Excalibur Sword from the stone, actually a very heavy bolder, he tosses it into the Lake and walks around with the bolder in a wheel-barrel.


Queen Gwenarear (yep, she has a great arsh). is a "modern: women in ancient times who thinks for herself and could care less about what other think of her. She is among the best fighter of the lot.


The Black Knight (who for one of the few times is actually black) is a losuy fighter but great planner and statesman.


Sir LanceAroundAlot is the best "Swordsman" of them all. But not with women, although most throw themselves art him. Literally. But Lance is a virgin because he thinks if he loses his virginity - which he will- he will lose his power of being a great Swordsman. Pun intended).


420 Knight who.. well, you can figure that out their deal. Up All Knight. Wedding Knight. Pregnant Knight. They Knight. Gladys Knight and The Pips. And many other "misfits" knights who fight alongside Arthur to protect Camelot from his evil brother who expected to be king, and runs his evil empire out of the "Ye Old Bada-Bing" club.

Oh, and let us not forget about Arthur's wizard of all wizards (not really) Merlin! Real name "Myron." (Mel Brooks is 97 and he really doesn't want to act anymore, which sucks because I would love him to play this part).  Merlin is Arthur's advisor- and is possibly the worst advisor the world ahas ever seen.

I was supposed to start directing the movie in 2024 with National Lampoon Executive Producing. Due to WGA & SAG strike, which are both finally over and we did well (Congrats & thank you to all members and those who had our backs)...stay tuned.

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