jD SHAPIRO is an award winning writer/director and stand-up comedian. Most of those awards are great. One…not so much


jD grew up in Hell’s Kitchen with his dad but mostly in North Jersey with his mom and three sisters in a small house with one bathroom. The garage become jD’s sanctuary. And his imagination his playing field. As a young child his mom says he would take apart pens to see how they worked, and undressed his sister’s Barbie Dolls to see what was underneath This lead to a passion for storytelling and women. But not necessarily in that order


jD has sold over a dozen screenplays to almost every major Hollywood studio including, Warner Brothers, Disney, New Line, Miramax, Paramount & Twentieth Century Fox


jD has done rewrites and punch-ups on many stupid scripts, as well as served as Creative Consult on many great movies. Several of his movies went on to became Hollywood blockbusters; his movies earning well over a billion dollars. jD’s television deals include Fox, Big Ticket and Spelling Entertainment.  Although jD writes in several genres, Mel Brooks called jD, “One of the greatest comic minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with”


jD and comic book legend Stan Lee worked together from 2002 to 2017 creating new comic book content. jD is very proud that Stan called him his “Protégé.” jD just finished his first book, “The Cat in The Hat”. He liked it so much he decided to write one of his own. Think Like a Man: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need was published by Austin Macauley Publishers. It is Now available to order on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and sold in Barnes & Nobel book stores, as well as many fine and not so fine book stores around the world, 


jD wrote & directed the short movie, “Un Viaje.” It was shot in LA, Malibu, NYC, Madrid, Marbella, Lisbon and Venice, almost entirely on an iPhone. It was accepted into competition at several festival and got “Honorable Mention at “The Madrid Art Festival, 2017” were it competed against several very big budgets shorts


jD wrote the screenplay for the WWII drama, Four Days in April. Based on the true heroic story of a young Norwegian woman living in Sweden who helps change the course of WWII. It was influenced by Fyra Dagar I April, the important Swedish novel written by Magnus Alkarp. The Swedish Film Institute funded the develpment of, “Four Day’s” and due to their excitement SFI just hired jD to write another screenplay about teen empowerment during WW2. jD is working with horror director Andrew Ewin, writing Haunting Grounds based on the true story of a prison turned hostile in Canada.


jD caught the eye of Sir George Lucas after his directorial debut, We Married Margo won the Audience Award for Best Film at The HBO Comedy Festival. Lucas invited jD to Skywalker Ranch for a free sound mix and great advice Because the job of God was already taken, jD wrote, directed & starred in “Margo.” Besides the HBO Festival, Margo was in completion at several other prestigious festivals include; Slamdance, NY Film Festival, and The LA Comedy Festival, and the Pi Phan Film Festival. “Margo” won many awards for the movie, the writing, the directing and one for jD’s acting. New Line acquired Margo for release


We Married Margo






jD was the original writer of the infamous Battlefield Earth. Yep. That movie. His draft got John Travolta attached to play Johnny Goodbye Tyler. jD left the project due to creative differences with the studio, MGM. Travolta went on to play the Terl and BE went on to win the infamous, “Razzie Award: Worst Movie of the Decade.” To find out how Battlefield Earth became a mess read jD’s humorous NY Post piece:




To see the speech jD gave at the 2010 Razzie Awards: 




After being asked to leave from some of the finest universities on the east coast jD wrote, on spec, Robin Hood: Men In Tights. MIT sold to Mel Brooks & Twentieth Century Fox. jD was heavily involved in the pre-production, producing & casting. He found Dave Chappelle after the actor Mel wanted asked for too much money. jD wrote all the lyrics to all the music in MIT


jD was accepted into HB Studios and studied with legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen, becoming one of her favorite students to yell at (Considered a badge of honor. Supposedly)


jD overcame his fear of public speaking and mixing up sentences due to being Dyslexic and now performs stand-up all across the country and parts of Europe. Due to his film & TV schedule his availability is limited. He was made a paid regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles in record time (He’d only been doing standup for about 14 months) jD was also made a paid regular at Stand Up NY in NYC. Prior to most performances jD can be seen outside the comedy club pacing and sometimes throwing up


jD has had articles published in The NY Post, Written By Magazine and Artes Españolas Ahora. He has given lectures & seminars on writing, directing and acting at universities and events throughout the United States and in Spain. jD has been asked to speak at Harvard Business School. jD has judged several film festivals in the United States & Europe


JD sits on the board of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation. This wonderful and incredibly worthy organization helps kids get out of bad family situations and gives them a chance at a better life. jD is a member of Who’s Who in America


                                                   SOME OF THE SCRIPTS jD SOLD AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Daddy’s Girl: A comedy about an over protective dad who has to learn to let go of his 18 yr old daughter, who has to learn to grow up. Optioned by NewLine (2005)


Working Class Hero: An action/drama about a cop trying to make up for a past mistake. Co-written w/ Jimmy Cummings. Sold it to Gale Anne Hurd (2004)


Salvage: A post-apocalyptic script set up w/ Gear Head Productions. Dan Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) was set to direct and jD was set to play the co-lead (2004)


Super Cops: The true story of two highly decorated Vietnam vets turned Super cops, and how they became the only two LAPD police officers to face the death   penalty. Developed w/ Jimmy Cummings for Nittolo Entertainment (2000)


Blast Off! Action story about a group of men who take over the space shuttle.  An ex astronaut needs to overcome his intense fear of flying-- or not only is the world in peril, but so is his wife, who is the captain of the shuttle. Wrote this on spec and sold to Interscope Films (1997)


Fear: Dark thriller about a man who is looking for the murderer of his wife only to find out it was he. Based on a L. Ron Hubbard Novella and starring John Travolta. Written it for Miramax (1996)


Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Action/comedy about a woman who gets trapped inside a post office when terrorists take it over. She learns she is much more capable than she ever realized. Betty Thomas was attached to direct and Glenn Close interested in playing the lead. It was co-written w/ Aaron William Dozier on spec. Sold to Disney’s Touchstone Pictures (1995)


Solo To Mars: Sci-fi about a man who travels into space and, due  to  the stress and  loneliness,  befriends a fly trapped onboard. Starring Corbin Bernsen. Written for Paramount (1994)


The Final Frontier: Sci-fi thriller about an astronaut who finds a way to travel to the most uncharted territory not known-- death. Written on spec and optioned to Warner Brothers (1991)


Toy Soldiers: This Action/comedy was the first script jD ever sold. It’s about a group of kids who have to use their video game skills to save the day when a real life situation arises. Shortly after arriving to LA jD was commissioned to write this by an independent producer whose office was possibly the trunk of his car (1990)


Freakydeak Skylark: jD created, directed and executive produced this animated series for the Internet division of NBC (2007)


Inside/Out: jD developed this TV series w/ Paul Rieser’s Nuance Pictures for jD to star in. A drama/comedy about an attorney who loses it, checks into Bellevue and decides it is saner in there then out in the “real” world (2006)


Cupid’s Turn: jD developed this script about a man who finds  out he is Cupid. He set it up at Disney as a producer (1998)

                                                                OTHER INTERESTING FACTS. SORT OF


























Cristiano Ronaldo Ad: Creative Consultant. One of the most watched ads online ever (2016)




Pucked: jD co-starred in this stinker. The good guy is played by Jon Bon Jovi.  Cary Elwes and jD are the bad guys (2005)


jD created the character and played it in a SUNKIST PISTACHIO NUT COMMERCIAL. It went on to win Best Commercial in the commercial section of the Cannes Film Festival (2005)


The Strand Venice: jD played a talent agent in this ensemble web series created, directed and executive produced by Dan Myrick (co-creator & co-director of The Blair Witch Project) (2004)


Women in Film Awards: jD was the first ever MC for the first ever awards ceremony, which took place at The Sundance Film Festival in 2001.


jD was in several Independent movies no one has ever heard of and several theatre productions no one really cares about.  


jD has been offered three reality TV series and turned all three down. He was, however, on The Osbournes. But not by choice. (The Annoying Neighbor episode. Yeah, that's jD & his friends) They did not know nor give them permission to use them in the episode. Uber LA Attorney Bert Fields wanted them to sue due to it being a precedent setting case (use of voice) but they let it go.



















iD has been interviewed on TV & radio shows, including: 



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